FB3D-lifescan13D Life Scanning captures your artwork digitally so you can explore technology to expand your collection. From monument scans to miniatures, anything is possible. With this technology, we can even capture living people. The amazing Artec software can compensate for slight movement in order to capture the likeness of a person.

CNC Foam Cutting can be very helpful for an artist. Rather than creatingFB3D-3D-CNC-Foaman armature by hand, the CNC machine will create a foam armature that replicates a scanned maquette, life scan or any 3D file. The capabilities are endless. We can make any piece any size you want.

FB3D-3D-print3D Sculpting with Zbrush for any scanned artwork, or work from scratch (modifications, cuts, additions, and manipulation). We also off consultation and design services. 3D models can be designed and created from scratch in Zbrush; anything from figurative models, to geometric shapes and awards.

3D Printing using two state of the art 3D printers. The large scale printer enable direct casting withoutchad-3d-printer a mold, while the detail printer provides outstanding “fingerprint” precision. By scanning artwork, a print can be made to miniaturize he original. You will be able to expand your collection while only having to sculpt one piece. Collectors will be able to acquire smaller versions of your work, and increase your customer base.

tommy-trojanCasting your 3D Prints can now be done under the same roof. Firebird Bronze leads the industry in casting 3D printed material to bronze. We can mold 3D prints using traditional casting in addition to casting parts directly using PLA filament and Voxeljet machines.