Rip Caswell is recognized as one of America’s preeminent bronze sculptors.  Caswell’s artworks can be found in public spaces and private collections throughout the United States and abroad.  Caswell’s ability to capture and convey emotion through his sculpture is as distinguishable as the talent that makes his creations come to life. Many who behold his bronze figures are brought to tears by the range and the impact of sentiment felt.  The passion and artistic aptitude that drives Caswell is embodied in every piece he creates.  This remarkable quality has earned him a national reputation.

Caswell’s expert team of skilled architects, designers and developers distinguish him in the field.  His capacity to create work that embodies the emotion and theme of his subjects is proven through the completion of many public installations.  His ready availability to project principals and managers has gained Rip a reputation as a solid partner on large scale and timeline driven ventures.

  • Artwork in public spaces through the United States
  • Numerous successful collaborations with architects and developers
  • Projects completed on time and within budget
  • Skilled artist team
  • Owner of Firebird Bronze Foundry

“I have worked closely with a variety of public and private entities, to create both individual sculptures and sanctuary-like settings that tell stories and create moods, as developed by the client.  These entities, among others, include major developments, business parks, national parks, schools and churches.” – Rip Caswell

“The approach I have taken with all of my commissioned projects is to be involved with client or committee early on in order to relay the desired message through design and final artwork.  My involvement and availability are guaranteed throughout the artistic process.” – Rip Caswell


Alison Caswell is an Oregon Native who has built a career in capturing university legacy in bronze.  She first experienced the art of sculpting at age eleven during a Will Vinton “Claymation” class.  Although she enjoyed this experience, she never considered sculpting professionally until much later when she visited the Rip Caswell Gallery in Troutdale, Oregon.  After graduating from college, Alison assisted Caswell with three, large-scaled monument projects at the gallery.  Later on, she ventured into creating bronze sculptures of her university mascot: The Duck.  Her success as an artist comes from understanding the meaning of protecting a university’s brand identity and working within strict concept guidelines.

Alison’s collection of artwork emerged from collaborations with Disney, the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, the University of Southern California and Nike.  Because of these relationships, she has gained experience working on large scale and time-sensitive ventures, maintaining a reputation for delivering each project on time and within budget.  Her attention to detail in meeting creative goals has gained her a trusted following across many university departments as well as significant benefactors who have become loyal collectors and friends.

  • Artwork in public spaces
  • Collaboration with University of Oregon
  • Projects completed on-time and within budget

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